Backend Version

The RMG-website provides an interface for accessing useful functions in RMG-Py and RMG-database.

Git repositories for these projects can be found at the Reaction Mechanism Generator Github.

The current Git commits on which the website is operating are as follows:

Repository Commit Date
RMG-Py ea231e3d6a7d634e14937da697eeafe14fe4dbc8
Merge pull request #1296 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/PDepDUP
Don't add a PDep reaction to the model if it exists as an unflagged LibraryReaction
Wed, 28 Mar 2018 16:53:24 -0400
RMG-database a5fbbab905d45a0d9779740f8e26b0d6e4a2464c
Merge pull request #255 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/resLP
Heteroatom database updates and additions
Tue, 27 Mar 2018 14:50:28 -0400
RMG-website 927b36acbbf5bd9a1f02fabeea1b29b3252d246a
Merge pull request #164 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/dev
Bug fixes and header update
Mon, 2 Apr 2018 16:40:20 -0400