RMG - Reaction Mechanism Generator

RMG is an automatic chemical reaction mechanism generator that constructs kinetic models composed of elementary chemical reaction steps using a general understanding of how molecules react.

Flux diagram for the pyrolysis of 1,3-hexadiene, an example model generated with RMG, showing the net carbon flux at an instant near the end of the simulation.

You are now visiting the interactive website for RMG, featuring web tools to help you visualize RMG-generated models, as well as tools to view and search the RMG databases for thermodynamics, transport, and kinetics data.

You can obtain a copy of the actual RMG software through the links below:

Latest Stable Version: 3.2.0 (Download and Install)

Source Code: RMG-Py Github Repository

RMG is a free, open-source software package (distributed under the MIT/X11 license). The software is developed in the William H. Green research group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT and in the Richard H. West research group at the Department of Chemical engineering at Northeastern University

Please post comments or concerns about the website to our issues page or email the RMG Development Team at rmg_dev@mit.edu.

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