Backend Version

The RMG-website provides an interface for accessing useful functions in RMG-Py and RMG-database.

Git repositories for these projects can be found at the Reaction Mechanism Generator Github.

The current Git commits on which the website is operating are as follows:

Repository Commit Date
RMG-Py 01cd26fef2198d7d6d740ac4a3c74ce4b21ba5d4
Merge pull request #2164 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/rmg-pyrms
Enabling use of pyrms for RMG Simulations and Edge Analysis
Wed, 1 Sep 2021 17:46:04 -0400
RMG-database 609d4e0df280acd6a4be1cd156e0e936245f70bc
Merge pull request #323 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/PAHdevelop
Adding training reactions and groups to allow PAH formation
Wed, 1 Sep 2021 12:24:21 -0400
RMG-website a058691acc066a10be9061fb9b3fddb8c1d6c8be
Merge pull request #227 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/fix_wilhoit
Fix typo in processing Wilhoit thermo that leads to AttributeError
Thu, 2 Sep 2021 13:32:04 -0500