Backend Version

The RMG-website provides an interface for accessing useful functions in RMG-Py and RMG-database.

Git repositories for these projects can be found at the Reaction Mechanism Generator Github.

The current Git commits on which the website is operating are as follows:

Repository Commit Date
RMG-Py 5be8b0ef7b77f41483ecd126303970f99b071e4a
Merge PR #2512 to remove reusable workflow logic from CI workflow
Re-using the RMG-Py workflow removes the ability to (easily) run the tests from forks or to target forks,
so we will instead copy the testing action and test files to RMG-database.
The workflow will be similar but (as mentioned below) can skip some steps.
Mon, 31 Jul 2023 23:20:09 -0400
RMG-database 75fabcb6cca6641e48a8c6cfee14e27f539c2ae4
Merge branch 'stable' into main, ignoring its changes.
This preserves the stable branch as-is, so that it can
be accessed later if needed, and so the tag is preserved,
but does not change the code in the main branch.
Tue, 30 May 2023 09:48:59 -0400
RMG-website 0378145d028582a61ea9fd41a8dc35323616f011
Merge pull request #250 from ReactionMechanismGenerator/dev
Update environment.yml to latest version of solprop
Sun, 12 Mar 2023 23:11:27 -0400